Kettering Family Philanthropies

Continuing the Philanthropic Legacy of Charles F. Kettering

The family of Charles F. Kettering welcomes you to Kettering Family Philanthropies. Located in Dayton, Ohio, this umbrella organization manages two private foundations that support a wide variety of charitable causes of interest to the Kettering Family.

Since each entity operates with separate missions and decision-making bodies, we ask that you carefully consider the information presented below and on each organization's Web site to determine the most appropriate one to apply for a grant.

Applicants may apply to only one of three organizations during a twelve-month period.

Request Summaries for the Kettering Family Philanthropies' next grant cycle will be accepted from July 1, 2024 through July 31, 2024.  All non-profit organizations applying must submit a Request Summary through this web portal to be considered for a grant. 

Those applicants applying to the Kettering Family Foundation must document on the form with whom from Kettering Family Philanthropies and when, you spoke about submitting a proposal.  Request Summaries will not be submitted without this information.

Email enquiries to to initiate a conversation.

The Kettering Family Foundation

The Kettering Family Foundation was founded by Charles’ son Eugene W. Kettering and his wife Virginia W. Kettering in 1956. Its assets support a broad range of charitable activities of interest to the Board of Trustees composed of Kettering Family members.

Please visit the Foundation's Web site for additional details.

The Kettering Fund

Founded in 1958 by Charles F. Kettering, the Kettering Fund is a sub-fund of The Kettering Family Foundation. The Fund primarily supports the activities of charitable organizations that are located and/or provide service in the state of Ohio.

Please visit the Fund's Web site for additional details.

The Virginia W. Kettering Foundation

The Virginia W. Kettering Foundation is a charitable trust created upon the death of Virginia in 2003. Grants from this foundation are restricted to supporting charitable activities in Montgomery County, Ohio, the seven counties contiguous to it, Kettering University, the Cincinnati Zoo, and the Sloan-Kettering Institute.

Please visit the Foundation's Web site for additional details.

Charles F. Kettering (1876-1958) was an American inventor, founder of Delco, and head of the General Motors Research Laboratory for twenty-seven years. He was born in Loudonville, Ohio and lived most of his life in Dayton, Ohio. He was involved in many philanthropic projects during his lifetime, a legacy which the Kettering Family adopted and continues.